Selling Online - Keep It Simple

Selling Online Tips – Keep It Simple

Selling Online - Keep It Simple

Selling Online Tips?  It’s easy right?  I just get a flash (no pun intended) website that looks better than my competitors and I’m away.  Happy days.  Well, erm no.  Not quite, not even close.

Selling Online isn’t that easy.  How do you get customers to your site and then how do you get them to spend?  By forgetting about technology, that is how.  If that sounds a bit wrong from a guy at a techy company like Shop Made, then read on.

Some More Non-Techy Selling Online Tips:

The curse of technology

I can say this because at Shop Made we live and breath the stuff.  Most of you think that a flashy website built in the latest technology, often with large agency fees involved, is all you need.  HTML 5 and CSS3 are set to make this even worse.  More and more of you will get carried away with the tech and design stuff and forget the customer.

The Parallax Dimension – fear all ye who enter here!!!

Parallax sites and themes have compounded this no end.  You know the ones, the 3D effect with items bobbing up and down,  things flying in from all angles and layered on top of each other.  Check out these award winning sites for examples of what I mean.  You cannot deny that some of these look beautiful and are clever.  You admire them, but do you buy from them?

The Range Rover Evoke website is a great example.  It looks wonderful, modern and impressive in parallax.  Which is the idea – to leave you with that warm, stylish feeling.  You then go somewhere else to buy.  The showroom.  The site is not a selling site in the classic sense.  It takes a while to load properly, but that adds to a sense of anticipation, builds the Evoke moment.

Compare that to Next.  Nothing too flashy, more like clean and modern.  It loads instantly even on poor connections and the product is right there in your face, easy to buy from the first second.  Great calls to action, buy it now, add to cart.  A perfect easy to navigate, customer language navigation bar bang on eye level instantly.  No parallax for these guys.  Different proposition.  Get people to the product and get them buying.  Fast.

What the customer wants

Do your customers really want a 3D scrolling site with multiple design layers, images, sounds and clutter?   Art should be on the wall or in a gallery, or both.  It is rarely any good for selling online.  Unless what you are selling is art itself, but even then I guarantee the best way to sell art online is through a clean, professional and non-arty website.

What helps you sell…..

…. is hardly ever what your techies or design consultants want to do to make themselves look clever and justify their salaries / fees.  This sounds harsh but isn’t meant to be.  Peoples’ natural instinct is to big themselves up and through that justify their existence.  Come on you know it, we are all just a little insecure.  Successful selling online requires us to understand this and then move on.

How many times have you been really impressed with a website, at the same times a being really confused about what it is selling?

Simplicity – the key to Selling Online

However, successful Selling Online needs simplicity.  Get the products up front and centre with a clean and quick buying journey.  Simples.  If you are spending months in development and many £000s, you are getting it wrong for the customer as well as going skint.

Compare Asos to River Island and decide for yourself.  You know this is true.  It comes through in bounce rates for sites, people just leave when their eyes and head start to hurt and they can’t find what they want.  You have all been there on sites and know what I mean.  Don’t make the same mistake.

WebShop Revolution

So when the team at Shop Made talk about a WebShop Revolution.  This is what we mean.  Nice and simple for the customers and nice and cheap for you.  Selling online made simple, cheap and powerful.  All good.  Lovely.   Now sit back and watch the sales come in.

Look at that a whole blog post and not a single mention of traffic building or SEO.  I knew that I could do it.


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  1. John says:

    Hello.This post was extremely motivating, especially because I was browsing for thoughts on this subject last Thursday.

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