Know Your Customers Selling tips

Know Your Customers – Selling Online

Know Your Customers Selling tips

“Know Your Customers” Come on Shop Made, everyone knows their customers!  You can’t miss them, they’re the ones who spend money in my webshop.  Selling online would be impossible without them.  Well again, yes and no.  Do you really KNOW your customers?  A bit of extra time and research can really help here and increase your sales dramatically.  Honest.  Here’s a couple of tips on how to get started.

Selling online - Know your Customers

Selling online – Know your Customers

Selling Online – Some “Know Your Customers” Tips

Your typical customer

What does your ideal customer look like?  Who are they?  I don’t just mean ‘someone that spends money in your WebShop‘.  That is lazy thinking and will get you limited sales, or more likely no sales at all.  You may have heard this called segmentation.  Fancy marketing types will tell you this is a massively complicated science, a bit like brain surgery or larking about with those miniature trees.

Don’t listen.  It isn’t that hard.  Don’t shell out the big bucks.  It’s easy, you can do it.  Or at least you can make a start and it is the type of thing that pays back quick.  Real quick.  I  promise.

Customer Demand

First of all you must get the difference between Customer Demand (generic, high level), and Nominal Value (specific and individual).  Let me use the example of wine, something that I know a bit about.  Only a bit mind, I’m not one of those buffs, not by a long way.

My demand = Red wine

My nominal value = Malbec, Chianti, Valpolicella or Sangiovesse, must be priced between £7 (below this it will be rubbish) and £10 (more than this is just extravagant), it must be dry, fruity, lightish in texture………   I could go on, really.

The point is that nominal value is individual, specific and detailed.  If your online selling is aimed at demand and not nominal value then you won’t be as successful as you could be.  It is more work and faff to understand nominal value, but once you have, online selling becomes much easier.

It is a bit like the difference between using a chainsaw or a scalpel.  You need to laser in on a detailed understanding of what your customers want (demand), and how they want it (nominal value) if you want to be really successful.

Profile your ideal customer

Come on you can do this.  Profile is maybe the wrong word, but you get the picture.  Ask yourself some simple questions and write the answers down, things like:

There are no end to these questions.  The more the merrier, the more you will understand your typical customer, the better you will be at selling online.

Always involve others in profiling

It is best to do this type of exercise with other people.  You have one perspective, others can add very interesting dimensions.  The Shop Made office is a good example of this.  There is a split around age.  The Directors are all slightly older with children and a certain lifestyle, and the actual workers are quite a bit younger with their type of lifestyle.  While I can just about remember what it was like to be 18, that was 20+ years ago.  Being 18 now is very different than it was then.

Obvious right?  Don’t make assumptions, if you want to find out a typical 18 year’s nominal value or what matters to them, what is important, then ASK ONE.  Don’t think that you know or work off your own assumptions.  At best you might be half right which is precisely 50% short of an effective selling online strategy.




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2 thoughts on “Know Your Customers – Selling Online
  1. Craig Price says:

    That’s some serious marketing advice right there. I think many people in advertising and marketing would have saved a lot of cash if they’d have known from the beginning who their real target audience was and approached them in the right way.

  2. brett rossi says:

    Am I allowed to promote this on twitter?

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