Tuitle E-Learning WordPress Plugin

Tuitle E-Learning WordPress Plugin

Tuitle E-Learning WordPress Plugin

Creating A Course Using Tuitle E-Learning WordPress Plugin

1. To use Tuitle E-Learning WordPress Plugin, first off, you need to create a new course, you can do this by clicking the add new button on the left hand WordPress sidebar under Tuitle.


2. Once you are on this page, input the course name, and any descriptive text or images you would like to use on the course page.


3. When you are finished, create a new module for the course by clicking the module button on the sidebar. Module creation is similar to course creation, so repeat the steps you took when creating a new course.


4. Now we will create a new unit for your module, click the units button, and click add new in the top left of the page. Similar to Modules and Courses, enter your unit name and description.


5. After finishing this, assign the units some questions, I will go over the question options for you, so to have a general overview of what to expect.

a. The unit length will specify a time the user is expected to stay on the unit for.

b. The drop down box will allow you to either enable or disable a test at the end of the unit.

c. Valid For will enable you to set a time for how long the results will stay valid for.

d. The question box is used for entering the question you want to show.

e. Question type enables you to select the type of question it will be, ranging from: True/False, Yes/No, Fill the Gap, single and multi line answers.

f. Once you have created your question, it will show up in your bank of questions, you can specify in the box above how many questions you would like to show on the unit page, it will also select random questions from the bank if you have more than the specfied amount.


6. In the plugin menu, you can select Tuitle review, which will enable you to review pending test and submit a pass or fail mark to the user.


7. Within the Tuitle E-Learning WordPress Plugin options you can define custom styles and settings to suit your own requirements.


That’s all for the basic overview of the Tuitle E-Learning WordPress Plugin, if you have any more questions, we offer 12 month’s support for those who have bought the tuitle plugin, and if you are reading this somewhere else, head over to for more information on our Tuitle E-Learning WordPress Plugin.

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4 thoughts on “Tuitle E-Learning WordPress Plugin
  1. Paul says:

    Hi, I’ve purchased this plugin and found your tutorial really helpful. I was able to setup my first course and modules within minutes rather than trying to find my way around without reading the instructions. Just one point though, when my course subscribers fist signup they are sent to the admin area rather the course page?

  2. David says:


    This seems like a great plugin, it offers similar functionality to a few on the market. Can you use this plugin if your run some sort of quiz? It would be great if you could, I run Quiz nights at my local pub and would love to offer this facility online.


    • admin says:

      Hi David,

      Thank you for your comment, yes that’s a great idea for the use of the Tuitle e-learning WordPress Plugin. Quizzies can easily be setup using our plugin. I think you’re right we’ve probably missed an opportunity not highlighting this fact.

      Many thanks and please comment again.

      kind regards
      The Shop Made Team!

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