Magento 2 Alpha

Magento 2 Alpha Release 101

Magento 2 Alpha

With the looming launch date for Magento 2 they seem to be pushing forward with Alpha releases.

Magento 2 Alpha

To help people see what;s been going on at Magento 2’s headquarters we’ve put an installation of Magento 2 Alpha release to view.

Click here to see the site Magento 2.0 Alpha 101 we’ve not included back end access to this one as it’s installed on our production server. If you’d like to see what the backend on Magento 2 looks like then our original version is still up and happy for people to play around with.

Here’s the access if:

Access Magento 2 Demo Front End and Back End

To view the front end of the Magento 2.0 demo site please go here
To access the admin back end of Magento 2.0 demo please go here

User name: Demo
Password: magento2

Alpha release front end here

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