Magento is one of the most popular shopping cart frameworks available. Its growing popularity results from the positive impressions that users have for its features. It has, among others, a wide array of customisable options and as no business is the same it allows it to be used for most e-commerce solutions.

Included in these options are a layered one page checkout. Through the use of dropdown menus, people who are viewing the site do not have to go to one page to another. This saves them a lot of time which eventually helps in sustaining their interests.

Magento shopping carts also make it possible for viewers to compare products with each other a very important feature in cross promoting items and achieving the ever important upsell. It can allow customers to send the products that they have purchased to many shipping addresses in one transaction. Also, currency and language change is possible, so non-speakers of your language and those who are using a different money denomination can be catered for.

Magento allows the customers to make their own reviews on their purchased products. These reviews would be made available for everybody to see and can help convert a customer into a buyer. This has an enhancing effect in terms of SEO.

Magento is a platform we have been working with extensively for the past 18 months. So as Magento Developers we understand and appreciate Magento’s adaptability and flexibility, particularly when many of those features come straight out the box.

Here is a list of our Top 7 Magento features you probably didn’t know it had:

Multi Site/Store Support
Magento multi site/store features means that you can promote and sell your inventory across multiple domains.

Flexible Pricing
Fixed prices are a thing of the past. Choose to be stubborn on pricing and your customers could go elsewhere. Magento offers the flexibility to create and implement a range of promotions for your customers

Customer Reviews
Give shopping that social experience again. With customer reviews and social sharing Magento gives shopping that social edge.

One Page Checkout
Magento comes straight out the box with a one page checkout which has been proved to improve conversion rates

Enhanced Content Management System
Do you want your Magento store to be more than a shop? with Magento’s CMS you have the flexibility to deliver great content alongside an excellent eCommerce experience.

URL Rewrites
Anyone that studies SEO knows how important url’s are for on page optimisation. Magento can easily rewrite and optimise your url’s to be SEO friendly.

Up Sells & Cross Sells
Related products can be configured simply & easily. Working as effective cross sells or up sells and increases your average sale value.

Magento out the box

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