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Launched on-line in April 2010, Bronsonwear is the creation of L.A designer Joseph Randle, and inspired by the artwork of high-security prisoner Charles Bronson.

Bronson, 64, has remained behind bars for thirty-five years since his entrance for armed robbery in 1975, for which he was due to serve only seven. With an unrelenting rebellion to the judicial system, coupled with a fearsome temperament fuelled by his days as a bare-knuckle fighter, Bronson’s behaviour has been much publicised over the years, as his explosive reactions to prison conformity continue to make the headlines.

Subjected to solitary confinement for the most part, Bronson’s flair for art has offered a chilling insight into his state of mind, transforming these hostile environments into fascinating depictions of torture and terror, while at the same time demonstrating an unrelenting mental strength.

Enduring a grueling daily cell-bound fitness regime, Bronson’s mental and physical strength has earned him the respect of some of the world’s best fighters across the boxing, MMA and martial arts arenas. In 2001(?), former world heavy weight boxing champion Mike Tyson dedicated his heavy weight belt to Bronson as a mark of respect.

Bronson’s following also includes a series of celebrity supporters including Tom Hardy, who recently claimed best actor at the British Independent Film Awards, for his portrayal of Bronson, in the self-named movie.

This far-reaching appeal has seen the 64 year old receive prison mail from supporters all over the world; many of whom engage in mixed martial art forms and physical disciplines of which the characteristics displayed by Bronson in his unswerving mental and physical discipline, mirror their own.

One such form, the Iron Shirt, taught by certified martial arts master instructor Dave Taylor, involves a series of intricate movements, to channel energies and enable an iron-like mental and physical strength from within. Over the past two years, Taylor has engaged in an intensive training schedule with Bronson (all via post,) in detailed photographic detail, in the teachings of the Chi Jen Iron Shirt and the series of movements known as The Form.

Throughout the communication between the two fighters, Bronson has often expressed a desire to unleash his creativity into fight wear, where fighters across the world could show their loyalty and respect to him. Teaching a range of martial arts disciplines to stuntmen, bodyguards and high profile celebrities, Taylor relayed Bronson’s desire to UK and L.A fashion designer Joseph Randle.

Randle, better known for his collaborations with labels such as Rock & Republic, Nike, and Urban Outfitters, became increasingly interested in Bronson’s intriguing creative flair and physical discipline.

” Subjected to solitary confinement for the majority of his sentence to date, Charlie’s talent for characterising these environments, and translating them into graphic depictions of terror and torture, is truly amazing.” said Randle.
“This raw imagery, combined with an unrelenting mental strength, made this collaboration extremely appealing and exciting.”

The Birth of Madness is the first collection of the Bronsonwear range, featuring twenty-five high fashion and fight wear t-shirts. Fusing Randle’s inimitable hard-edged designs, with Bronson’s raw depictions of life on the inside, the collection positions high-quality fabrics and expert tailoring at its core, while capturing the very real physical power, mental strength and style that is Bronsonwear, through intricate applications running through each garment.

“It is as much about the tailoring, style and fit of the garments as it is about the name they represent, said Randle.
” The Birth of Madness is the coming together of two minds; one driven by design, the other by a chilling devotion to mental and physical strength. While some will support the movement, others will embrace the style. And that’s what makes this collection extremely exciting.”

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